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The reputation of Kühne Management is held within its programme. Our brand stands for courageous action and confident appearance - even when it gets really tricky.

For over 15 years, Kühne Management has been advising renowned customers in the automotive and construction sectors. At the fulcrum of our consulting activities are the fields of organisation, management, deployment and optimisation of processes in production logistics.

Around the net products and the supply chain of a company, Kühne Management's techniques - such as Continuous Improvement and Lean Management – are two highly effective examples. As another example of a solution-oriented technique, Hands On consulting also has proven worth. Kühne Management's techniques provide the basis for secure, professional implementation that is both in budget and on time.

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Lean Management

Supply Chain Management

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Personnel & Organization

Lean Management

What exactly does that mean?

This is a very important point - optimisations that deliver meaningful functionality is a top priority. Lean Management helps to avoid 'over processing' in procedural design. Illustrations and calculations of how this works are based on the respective needs of specific case studies. We also use the technqiue to bind together existing plans and motivate junior members of a team, helping to capitalise on efficient practices where they exist. Lean Management is a way of learning how to work effectively, where you can continue to develop ideas and opportunities.

What do our customers value in it?

  • Clean Production
  • Sustainable Improvements
  • Optimal Material Flow
  • Work Facilitation
  • Motivation Through Teamwork
  • Ergonomics

Supply Chain Management

What exactly does that mean?

In the case of difficulties between suppliers, customers - or different departments within the same company - boundaries are often blurred. Logisitcal problems can occur in the field of project planning or of purchasing, for example. Therefore, it is in these areas - as well as in the more familiar parts of work – that should be focussed on.

What do our customers value in it?

  • Comprehensive Preparation
  • Measurable Processes
  • Departmental Unity
  • Joined Up Thinking (Know How)
  • Customer/Supplier Support
  • Interdepartment Functions Are Resolved

Workshops and Lectures

Topics of the workshops and lectures at Kühne Management


Coaching 1

  • Coaching to develop good logistics planning

Coaching 2

  • Planning and coaching for the implementation of automated delivery systems

Coaching 3

  • Psychological tips for dealing with of personnel issues

Coaching 4

  • Education and structuring methods for developing highly effective teams


Lean Management

  • Setting modern and social management methods in context – a workshop covering all aspects.

KVP / Kaizen Workshops

  • Changes through continuous improvement.
  • How to implement continuous improvement measures directly into small operational teams.

5S Workshop

  • Learn simple methods and tools for the implementation of orders and operational prowess.
  • How important is accuracy to today's production supply?

The logistics business planning game

  • Learn the best way of dealing with customers through play. In this simulation game, you develop better results, find ways of making process flows optimal and learn how to implement new ideas creatively.

The budget planning game

  • Find better money management and material value in the company: this business game focusses on the cost of bad decisions and teaches how dealing with money and materials can be optimised.


Global Project Management

  • Learn how to budget, to master specific conditions and to meet deadlines for overseas assignments professionally. Benefit from the expertise of René Kühne's knowledge in the implementation and management of major projects. Learn why large projects often don't work as they should.

Resctructing of Warehouses and Storage Facilities

  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of merging storage facilities and the associated difficulties of doing so in detail. We discuss all levels of operational implementation.

Clean Production

  • Learn more about the various specifications of the production of clean material supply within and outside the manufacturing environment.

Production Supply

  • How is the logistical supply of production linked with materials? Who is the supplier and who to decides on which quanity is supplied per package?

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