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Kühne Management – Logistics, projects, interim solutions

Kühne Management is a consulting company which offers firm and secure
implementation of individually tailored solutions in both warehousing and logistics.
For over 15 years, the consulting firm has operated in the automotive plant sector.

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René Kühne

Firm owner

René Kühne has a professional and a modern management style. Years of experience in coping with extreme crisis situations in the international business environment have honed the business personality of René Kühne. The manager knows what matters when it hots up in the workplace: keep a cool head and grasp the situation at lightning speed. Draw upon experience and background knowledge to make courageous decisions, identify new courses of action and monitor their implementation with care and perseverence.

These transformative processes allow René Kühne to succeed purposefully. In this area, his professional experiences means he knows no fear, in terms of both stock control and production. Kühne can apply himself - on the one hand - to develop worker-focussed solutions and - on the other – he possesses all of the necessary sensitivity to deal with real people.

Simone Lehmann

Office Management

Simone Lehmann is responsible for finance, accounting and travel management. A graduate, Mrs Lehmann supports Kühne Management Consulting Services in the administrative area.

The company has employed her since February 2013.

Catherine Daglis

Designer / Rheinatelier

Mrs Daglis is the proprietor of the design agency Atelier Rhein which supports Kühne Management in the field of communications, designing both internal and external marketing material.

Over the course of more than ten years, the graduate designer has been in charge of corporate design, web design and packaging design. www.rheinatelier.com

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Kühne Management's partner

WHP Wegel Hemmerich & Partners Lawyers

In logistics, the contracts made with suppliers and service providers are crucial for the success of a company. Improper storage or transportation of high-value goods may result in losses that run into the millions.

Additionally, in the planning of factories, warehouses or other storage facilities, many legal issues may arise that should be dealt with properly by professionals, in order to avoid any unpleasant or unforeseen consequences.

Michael Hemmerich, co-owner of the law firm WHP Wegel Hemmerich & Partners, is at your side when it comes to issues of national and international transport law as well as commercial legal matters.

The focal points of his work include the legal support of transactions, the negotiation of agreements and social plans, as well as providing ongoing advice on restructuring measures. WHP Wegel Hemmerich & Partners advise in domestic and foreign contract law and can help companies with the initiation, negotiation, conclusion and settlement of national and international contracts, including issuing enforcements, if needed.

The matters covered range from thing such as purchase agreements and project agreements to so-called joint venture agreements. In addition, turnkey contracts, service and work contracts (in particular service, maintenance and construction contracts) and licensing agreements can all be catered for.

For more information see: www.whp-law.de