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"From the perspective of my personal work, online logistics consulting is very convenient. There are no travel costs or time-consuming journies. The high safety standard gives me the impression of being in good hands. I feel that the advice given to me is the best possible."

Adriane Morczinek - BU Account Manager, Frankfurt

"The use of the online consultation over long distance is absolutely great. And the best thing about it is that I can always handle any deliberations I might have within the shortest possible time and without much effort of booking ahead. It is only a click away..."

Herbert Walcher - Projektmanager, Graz Austria

"The professional approach of Mr Kühne was very helpful for me. After a short time, the targets I wanted to reach were achieved. Due to his knowledge and strategic skills, Mr Kühne has become an absolutely trusted advisor for me. I never thought that online consulting would be so easy, fast and inexpensive for the solutions that it engenders. This new, remote method of professional consulting is something of a milestone within the consultation industry."

Kira Herberg - Branch manager, Berlin

"Although it has been common practice in the IT sector for years - and is still regularly referred to under the term 'cloud services' – this style that René Kühne brings is cutting edge in the logistics sector. His 'services on demand' or 'pay per use' service means that you only pay for what you really need. Given the use of modern communication media, the cost advantage is passed on directly to the customer. With this concept of external expert support, small and medium-sized businesses in the logistics sector will find it an economically viable option which, I think, is a good idea and a clever concept."

Peter Schorn - IT specialist, Braunschweig

Volkswagen case study

A case study from Wolfsburg

This logistical work was the crowning glory of a master class in project management.

Starting with two employees, the process was eventually scaled up to no less than 750 employees in three major areas of production and supply.

Implementations were taken up by all departments, among others Logistics and Disposition. The programme was developed from the time of prototyping in as yet unfinished facilties and continued up to the point of fully-fledged production lines - which were suppying some 850 vehicles per day. The project enabled the provision of then new shopping-cart systems and the exact sequencing of materials for a specific vehicle in the desried location of production. Indeed, the project mastered even the greatest challenges.

For example, the production line within a large plant needs to be fed at least once per minute in order realise maximum efficiency and supplying each operative with what they need when they needed it was one of the msot challenging parts of the entire process.

Through constant changes, huge flows of goods supply systems and work processes needed to be restructured. To resolve such issues - during the ongoing production of a line directly at the site - took an excellent team.

Sequencing of thousands parts per vehicle over both short and long distances was another crucial point in the complex planning. Goods-in via rail transfer or HGV deliveries come in every minute at such a production facility, so planning of personnel handling the goods-in process took a good dela of expertise.

Countless process points had to be considered and accounted for within this project, which lasted for three years. Many new ideas evolved and new processes were formed during that time.

These experiences have continued to be found in several other new project areas.

Equipment used:

  • 45 tractors
  • 30 forklifts
  • Hundreds order picking trucks
  • Goods baskets and shelving

750 employees, 60 HGV arrivals per shift, 850 built vehicles a day in up to 40,000 square metres of storage space.

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