Kühne Management –
We recognise problems and
solve them according to scale.

René Kühne, Your professionals in logistics management

Kühne Management –
We direct, coach
and train staff.

René Kühne, Your professionals in logistics management

Kühne Management –
We assist with logistically
strategic decisions.

Logistics, projects, interim solutions

Succes through action! Hands-on consulting dealt with directly at site.

Process optimisation

We work with existing teams within a company in order not only to achieve goals, but also to learn together as a team. This helps to reach new creative ideas in the field and to optimise the entire process.

Plan, outline and implement! That is our goal.

Supply Chain Management

We consider all logistics processes in different working patterns in each workspace. We factor in how related considerations influence decision making when conducting various tasks.

Use the right tool for the right task.

Implement projects together

Plans and calculations are a part of all professional project management today. Nonetheless, it must be said that any process relies on the individual to make the investment necessary to properly implement their own planning principles in the operational world of work.

What do customers say

Customers speak their minds

From the perspective of my personal work, online logistics consulting is very convenient. There are no travel costs or time-consuming journies. The high safety standard gives me the impression of being in good hands. I feel that the advice given to me is the best possible.

To participate in a project under the responsibility of Mr Kühne case, was a great experience! Because, even at the implement stage, the planned tasks needed an instinctive expert feel.

The use of the online consultation over long distance is absolutely great. And the best thing about it is that I can always handle any deliberations I might have within the shortest possible time and without much effort of booking ahead. It is only a click away...

Michael Roth,Head of Logistics - Hannover

Adriane Morczinek,BU Account Manager - Frankfurt

Herbert Walcher,Project manager - Graz, Austria

Selected references for Kühne Management:

Volkswagen case study

A case study from Wolfsburg

This logistical work was the crowning glory of a master class in project management. Starting with two employees, the process was eventually scaled up to no less than 750 employees in three major areas of production and supply. Implementations were taken up by all departments, among others Logistics and Disposition. The programme was developed from the time of prototyping in as yet unfinished facilties and continued up to the point of fully-fledged production lines - which were suppying some 850 vehicles per day.

Our activities at Volkswagen:

  • Production supply
  • Transport
  • Commissioning
  • Sequencing
  • Planning
  • Storage


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  • Logistics, projects, interim solutions
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